So Neil Peart emails me asking if I’d like to go jam with him, Stewart Copeland, Danny Carey and Matt Stone at Stewart’s studio, the Sacred Grove.

My brain explodes.

The End.

Well, actually, The Beginning…

Stewart Copeland has these amazing jam sessions at his studio, the Sacred Grove. He films everything with multiple cameras, edits them together and puts them up on YouTube. Neil had done a few with him in the past, and this time he invited me to come along. I had met Danny socially a few times at Rush concerts, so I knew him a bit, but it was my first time meeting both Stewart and Matt. We got together for dinner beforehand, had a really good meal, and made our way to Stewart’s place. Stewart had started the cameras rolling the second we walked into the studio and just let them run, capturing whatever craziness we came up with. We all traded instruments and jammed on whatever came up in the moment.

I wouldn’t say it was a dream come true, because I would never have even dared to dream it. It was… even better than that.

– Matt

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